At JCDS our company culture is very unique and embodies everything we believe in.  From the first phone call or physical contact that our patients receive to the end of each appointment, to the individual interest of each team member.  Each person is important.  We are not just a dental office that treats teeth.  We are dental family that treats patients, providing confidence and long-term peace of mind.  


Culture is important to the vision we have for our dental practice.  Culture can mean different things to different dental practices. For us, it’s about first-rate amenities and making the patient feel comfortable and no longer fearful. That translates to some amazing offerings, such as hand massages and nice music, iPads, and scented soaps, along with other niceties. It’s about investing in the development of our TEAM 


These are the core values that really speak to the culture of our business: 

  1. Always show compassion. It’s important to truly understand our patients’ needs and meet them there. We want to treat them with kindness and understanding.   
  2. Ask the right questions. It’s important for us to be able to listen to understand. Understanding our patients’ fears, concerns, and points of resistance helps us to treat them properly and address these areas. 
  3. Deliver a Wow experience every time. Consistency is important. 
  4. Listen with two ears and one heart. The heart in business really had to be compassion, love, and understanding.
  5. Pursue growth and learning. We have weekly lunch and learn sessions to ensure we are always learning as a team. 
  6. Think big and have fun. We are innovative and think outside of the box. We have a relaxed working environment where we actually love going to work, and the patients feel it. 
  7. Build a positive team and family spirit. If we aren’t working together as a team, then we can’t serve our patients to the best of our ability. 
  8. Insist on the highest standards. We want the best for our patients in terms of the quality of dentistry that we provide as well as the environment in which we provide it.
  9. Build a stronger community. Having corporate responsibility of giving back is huge. It allows us to be able to touch the lives of so many people who are in need. As a result of this being a core value, we’ve had Dentist Days where we have treated a  hundred kids in a day for free as well as treated kids with terminal cancer. We volunteer to help with mission teams. We’ve done toy drives. We’ve been in children’s homes. Our newest campaign is where we donate proceeds from new patient exams to support a different charity every month.  
  10. Be humble. As we grow, we want to always remain grateful for what we have and humble in how we carry ourselves.