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Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services is SO happy to Announce that they will be providing proceeds from New Patient Exams every month to a different Jamaican Charity...


Since opening in 2010, Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services (JCDS) has given away 4 Free Smile makeovers, provided over $1 Million in Free Dental care to children at their free dental days, donated over $100,000 to Crayons Count to purchase learning kits for schools, built a playground and computer lab for a local school, provided outreach to over 50 schools and community health fairs, hosted 2 Toy and Clothes drives benefitting local Children's Homes, and educated thousands on the importance of proper dental health through social media.  

In October, 2015, JCDS, led by Dr. Anissa Holmes and Dr. Keisha Smith-Pagan, decided to step up their charitable outreach by committing to support 1 Jamaican charity each month. The company is committed to donating profits from new patient exams to support these charities. So far, JCDS has supported Angels of Love, Food for the Poor, and the Shaggy Foundation.  They hosted a free dental day for children with terminal cancer in October and will be donating dental equipment to Bustamante Children’s Hospital through their partnership with the Shaggy Foundation.  This month, JCDS is supporting Mustard Seed, and will be offering new and existing patients $5000.00 off any procedure of their choice when they donate diapers, powdered milk, and other toiletries.  Donations of adult and baby diapers, powdered milk, Supligen, Ensure and toiletries can be delivered to their office at 53 Lady Musgrave Rd. Please contact them at 978-4747 for more information.


Who is Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services and Why they Serve

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services, led by Dr. Anissa Holmes, has over 15 years of experience in making people look and feel great, and pride themselves in giving their patients long term "peace of mind”. They don't just deliver dentistry, they are here to share their core values and change lives. One of the company’s Core Values is to Build Stronger Communities.


Help to Build a Stronger Jamaica! 

Please send an email to outreach@jamaicasmiles.com to nominate your charity to benefit from JCDS’s charitable monthly project.