Dental Implants


With the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants will improve your appearance and change what you eat and how you eat it.  They are the ultimate solution for replacing missing teeth. 

Case 1- This patient had multiple missing teeth as well as a defect. She achieved a more beautiful smile with a dental implant supported bridge with pink porcelain to disguise the defect. (Dentistry by Dr. Anissa Holmes)

Case 2- This patient had all of his upper left teeth missing. He received 4 dental implants with individual crowns to get back his original smile as well as the ability to chew his food properly. (Dentistry by Dr. Anissa Holmes)

Case 3- This patient, at 80 years old, decided that she no longer wanted to wear dentures. Her missing teeth were replaced with implants and were restored with 3 crowns and 1 implant bridge. (Dentistry by Dr. Anissa Holmes)